Good enough

Jan 24, 2019

So today was my first meeting with my new therapist, it went really well. It turns out she has also had WLS so I feel great about choosing her. One of her favorite tools is journaling which made me glad I had started here. Especially since I had never been good at it before.

So today's topic is what does good enough look like?

I am a conssumate perfectionist, and I have been known to let it drive many decisions in my life. For example, I started working on my M.S. while I was teaching HS and of course having a family as well. It proved very quickly to be impossible to maintain the A average I expect of myself and I ended up dropping out. I have considered going back many times and every time I tell myself that unless I can achieve at the highest level I just cannot do it.

Typing that out sounds SO silly. I don't consider myself a quitter yet I am letting the perfection control me to that point.

So good enough? I may have to think about that.

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