It's time

Jan 26, 2019

to get serious about moving. I have been off my pre op routine of exercise and I feel like I am loosing ground. Today I asked my husband if he wanted to walk since the sun was out and it was pretty warm compared to what it had been. He said, "maybe" but got comfortable watching golf. So I went upstairs got myself dressed and headed down, I had already decided if he didn't care to go I'd just grab the dog...she never says no to a walk. He did jump up and grab his shoes.

It wasn't easy, I felt like I was moving in slow motion, but I didn't stop. I even remembered to grab a small 8oz water bottle that fit in my jacket pocket. When we got home he said, "feel better?" I said, "NO" but I had gotten it done. THAT now feels great! I stopped moving after my accident and that is what got me where I was. Obese.

Tomorrow is a new week and I need to build on today. I am now 2 weeks post op, surgery was only a step in the road. Diet is of course a step, therapy is a step, but movement is the next step and I've got to get steppin'.

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