Frustrating day

Feb 06, 2019

after all the fun we had yesterday today was the opposite, frustrating! My husband scheduled a repairman to come by today and Wednesdays are his days with his parents who are getting older and his Dad is in really poor health. I hate dealing with those sorts of things, they ask questions you don't know the answers to, that's why you call them. I tried to get out of the way and just lay low. It took so long, and it seemed to just deflate my day.

However, I think their is something deeper. Per the endocrinologist I was supposed to stop my Cymbalta and repeat tests to determine what is causing the night sweats that continue to plague me. I talked to my prescribing doctor and she has a step down schedule to prevent the side effects of going cold turkey. Of course I have been on it a while and so it is taking a while to leave my system. I think today I really began to feel the effects of being on less. Low mood, low energy, cranky, and just not feeling good in general. When it came time for my mile walk I just didn't go, it was dreary outside & I decided it looked like my mood felt. Plus for the first time since surgery I was looking for something to snack on. That was alarming, but I got two pieces of melba toast, (on my plan) and just nibbled on them slowly.

My afternoon picked up when I did a phone call with a R.D. she had some great ideas and advice on eating, and I ended up using them at dinner and it was great. I shared a high protein dinner with my family and it was so nice to eat what they were eating and not feel like an outcast. I ended up making a trip to Wal-Mart to pick up a stroller for when my granddaughter visits so we can walk together, and I made it a point to go around the perimenter of the store to get some walking in. So it wasn't a totally lost day, just not one of my better post op days.

Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it, and it will be my 4 week/28 days post op! That is pretty exciting.


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