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Slow Cooker Pot Roast Recipe

Hungry Girl’s Slow-Cooker Pot Roast Recipe

December 2, 2015 · 0 comments

Here is a delicious slow-cooker pot roast recipe sure to warm up you up on a cold day! Delicious, nutritious and takes just 15 minutes of preparation. Slow-Cooker Pot Roast Recipe by: Lisa Lillien (a.k.a. Hungry Girl) Makes 12 Servings, (2.5 oz. cooked meat with 2/3 cup broth and veggies)Prep: 15 minutes,

Hungry Chicken Nuggets

Clean & Hungry Chicken Nuggets

October 7, 2022 · 0 comments

Clean & Hungry Chicken Nuggets Talk about deliciousness! This recipe is super easy to fix, especially fun to make with the kids and grandkids, and is sure to be loved by your family and guests. After all, who doesn’t love chicken nuggets? Best-selling author, Lisa Lillien (a.k.a. Hungry Girl), calls

Fruity Green Salad

Chick-a-licious Fruity Green Salad

May 26, 2023 · 0 comments

This Chick-a-licious Fruity Green Salad recipe by Hungry Girl’s Lisa Lillien just screams Spring and Summer. Packed with healthy ingredients including tender chicken, nutritious fruits, salad greens, and nuts, this mouthwatering salad is ideal as a light meal for lunch or dinner. Complemented by a refreshing low-fat raspberry or balsamic

Taco-licious Stuffed Chicken

Taco-licious Stuffed Chicken

February 3, 2023 · 0 comments

With this tasty recipe, in just 35 minutes, you will have a protein-packed dish filled with just the right flavors of deliciousness! You only need 5 ingredients to make this crunchy, cheesy Taco-licious Stuffed Chicken recipe by Hungry Girl, Lisa Lillien. It's a perfect meal to serve with a light

Air-Fryer Stuffed Chicken Parm

Air-Fryer Stuffed Chicken Parm

January 27, 2023 · 0 comments

Looking for a quick and easy meal when time is short? Well, break out your air fryer and give this Air-Fryer Stuffed Chicken Parm a try. Hungry Girl’s ​​Lisa Lillien has put her own twist on the classic chicken parmesan dish with this tender, cheesy stuffed chicken recipe. It takes

Saucy Chicken & Shrimp

Saucy Chicken & Shrimp

November 4, 2022 · 0 comments

On a plane ride a few years back, Lisa met Mike Garozzo, owner of the famous Garozzo's Ristorante eateries in Kansas City. When he realized he was sitting next to Hungry Girl, the restaurant owner shared his popular "Mike's Diet Chicken" recipe with Lisa. And we just about lost our

Veggies n Swiss Chicken Rollups

Veggies ‘n Swiss Chicken Rollups

August 12, 2022 · 0 comments

Mmmm, chicken breast stuffed with deliciousness. The technique looks fancy, but it's easy to execute! And Hungry Girl's newest stuffed chicken recipe may be our best yet. Try this Veggies 'n Swiss Chicken Rollups recipe and you won't regret it! This recipe has a unique flavor and these Veggies 'n

no-cook stir-fry

Spicy Thai-Style No-Cook Stir-Fry

July 29, 2022 · 0 comments

Summer is the season for dining out in the beautiful open air with a backyard barbecue, a picnic in the park, and unforgettable camping trips with family and friends. Summers are for get-togethers and creating new memories. So why not create new memories with a delicious, refreshing recipe that is

Pizza-fied Chicken Casserole

Pizza-fied Chicken Casserole Recipe

July 8, 2022 · 0 comments

Casseroles are family-dinner all-stars, and not just because of the multiple servings. The saucy, savory, comfort-food goodness is what makes those servings disappear every time! This Pizza-fied Chicken Casserole recipe deserves a prime spot in your personal casserole catalog. (Or is that not something normal people have?) Pizza-fied Chicken Casserole

Inside Out Chicken Enchiladas

Inside-Out Chicken Enchiladas Recipe, No Tortilla

June 24, 2022 · 0 comments

Tortillas are yummy, but when it comes to enchiladas, they're basically just there to hold the fillings in place until cooked. After cooking them, those tortillas all but disintegrate and melt into the sauce and cheese. In this recipe, no tortillas are necessary because a chicken exterior saves the day!

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