great grilling recipes

16 Great Grilling Recipes Everyone Will Enjoy!

June 2, 2020

Bring out your grill and try these great grilling recipes. There are chicken, burgers, fish, veggies, pork, and pizza, something for everyone! For the healthy-minded diner, each recipe has the nutritional information so you don't have to guess. Taste-tested to be delicious. Fire up your BBQ and enjoy these recipes!

great grilling recipes

Chicken Grilling Recipes

Glazed Ginger Chicken Recipe: This Glazed Ginger Chicken Recipe is a dish that your family and friends will enjoy. It is packed with protein with bold flavors and easy to make. It is delicious broiled in the oven or on the grill. This recipe is low in calories, low-carb, and low-fat, but high in protein!

Lemon and Thyme Grilled Chicken Recipe: This recipe combines the flavors of lemon and thyme, and has a fresh, light taste and satisfying. When cooked on the grill, avoid overcooking the chicken breasts because they will dry out easily. When you serve this dish, you could add a little olive oil and lemon juice to keep the chicken moist!

Honey Sriracha Sauce Chicken Thighs:  This dish hits many of the things people look for with recipes. It is high-protein, bariatric-friendly, diabetic-friendly, gluten-free, and freezer-friendly. Plus, it is easy to make! If you prefer white meat, you can switch it up from chicken thighs to chicken breast!

great grilling recipes

Burger Grilling Recipes

Mini Cheeseburger Kabobs Recipe:  These kabobs are sure to be a hit with everyone. When you make and serve them, they are an entirely new spin on cheeseburgers in a different way. Kids love them because they are different than a regular burger. If you're eating low-carb, you won't miss the bun with your cheeseburger on a kabob!

Jalapeño Popper Stuffed Burger Patties: If you're looking for a different burger patty, this is the recipe for you. You don’t have to eat the same old boring burger patties when you can make these Jalapeño Popper Stuffed Burger Patties! If you love the combination of hot peppers and creamy cheese, you'll love these!

Double Avocado Turkey Burger Recipe: What do you get when you use the three main ingredients of lean turkey, avocado, and garlic? You get burgers with high-protein, healthy fat, and antioxidants that are packed with flavor. Who needs the bun when you have these burgers bursting with flavor!

great grilling recipes

Fish and Seafood Grilling Recipes

Healthy Barbeque Shrimp Recipe: You can enjoy the taste of New Orleans and make this Healthy Barbeque Shrimp recipe. In addition to protein, shrimp has impressive nutrients such as selenium, vitamin B12, phosphorus, choline, copper, and iodine. This dish is full of flavor, and is fast and easy to make!

Graham Elliot’s Grilled Salmon With Napa Cabbage Slaw: Yes, you read it right! This recipe is from Graham Elliot, the critically acclaimed chef, restaurant owner, and television personality. Graham joined us at one of our ObesityHelp National Conferences as a keynote speaker and shared one of his favorite recipes with us!

Salmon Burgers Recipe: These burgers are delicious and nutritious. Salmon is packed with heart-healthy omega 3’s and satisfying protein. You can make the salmon patties ahead of time and refrigerate until you're ready to cook. For grilling, put the patties in the freezer and take them out when you and your grill are ready to go!

great grilling recipes

Veggie Grilling Recipes

Grilled Sriracha Cauliflower Steaks Recipe:  Surprise your friends and family at your get-together with these zesty cauliflower steaks. Cauliflower is considered a superfood due to its nutrients, high in fiber, and vitamins B and C. It also contains high concentrations of carotenoids (antioxidants) and glucosinolates. Enjoy this version of cauliflower!

Portobello Greek Pizza Recipe: Who needs all of the carbs from the crust of pizza when you can make these Portobello Greek Pizzas? You can roast the portobellos in the oven, or put them on your grill for a few minutes. They can be customized so everyone can add their favorite toppings!

Grilled Ratatouille by Val: This is a simple version of Ratatouille and much easier to make. Traditional Ratatouille is a labor-intensive dish that takes several hours to prepare. With this Grilled Ratatouille recipe, you can enjoy the same ingredients and enjoy it without being in the kitchen for a long time!

great grilling recipes

Other Options for Great Grilling

Low-Carb Chicken Salsa Pizzas Recipe: Pizzas on the grill? Yes! With this recipe, they are amazing on the grill, too! Just oil the grill grates and cook the Chicken Pizzas on medium-high until cook through, flipping only once. Add salsa and cheese, then close grill until cheese is melted!

Glazed Pork Tenderloin Recipe: Pork tenderloin is a lean cut of meat and high in protein so this recipe will be enjoyed by anyone that's had bariatric surgery, wanting to lose weight, and healthy-minded. The flavor combination of the figs, chili powder, soy sauce, and vinegar makes an indulgent marinade that infuses the meat to make it flavorful!

Rosemary Pork Tenderloin and Grilled Peach Skewers: Savory, crunch from the veggies, and a little bit of sweet equal a mouth-watering dish that is delicious with these Rosemary Pork Tenderloin and Grilled Peach Skewers. The combination of fruit, vegetables, and meat in this recipe makes this a healthy meal option.

Premier Protein Mole RecipeBoost your grilled foods and vegetables with flavor and protein since this Mole Sauce is made with Premier Protein! With this Mole Sauce, you'll want to use often as a tasty way to add a punch of flavor and spice to favorite dishes!

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