I'm famous - thanks Jack!

Mar 11, 2013

They named a burger after me at Jack N the Box - the Hot Mess burger. Perhaps to some people's horror - I do actually intend on trying this one day. I think I have to...it's named after me.

Fortunately, I'm not much of a hot mess at the moment. Ive calmed down, collected myself, and on to a better track.

Last week I did almost all liquids. It got me out of "emergency" mode and back down to the "i'm just going to freak out a little" mode in terms of the scale. But it got me back in control a little so I have more clarity about what a real emergency is.

My BF came home this weekend for a short visit before he leaves for his deployment next Sunday. It was a rough weekend because I'm all kinds of sad, disappointed and anxious about this relationship and him leaving. For the most part, I stuck to my shakes, but the evenings were hard because we had to have dinner together (i wasnt going to be a total asshole and leave him hanging for dinner lol). I ate decently, but having serious issues with portion control and over stuffed myself. I think that may be related to the fact that I just miss eating food at this point. As I transition back to eating normally that may be less of an issue.


Hopefully I'll stay focused for a while as I start training for my next 1/2 marathon.



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