jan 15th

Jan 14, 2010

sooo i just want to first and foremost give a big thanks to all my oh friends that gave me words of kindness and positive feedback that everything would start getting better ...because well it has!!! 
since getting this nectar ice tea stuff ive been doing alot better. getting in my protein thru the day. im thinking of going back and trying another flavor. if i remember correctly they had lemonade.
im still sore here and there but nothing to be complaining about. im sleeping well, moving around good, drinking my stuff, and today im going to try to venture outside the box ooooo and eat some yogurt.

mentally im doing alot better aswell thank goodness cause i was already starting to look up how one goes about making pot holders so i would have something to do at the nut house.
im coming to terms with my decision. i have to admit i thought mentally it was going to be a piece of cake (yumm cake) ok focus.....but it wasnt. im still not quite sure what went wrong upstairs but im interested to find out what the head doc thinks when i tell him. in the mean time im working on coming to gripps with it all. perhaps i thought i was ready to leave my relationship with food behind when in fact i wasnt and found myself being forced to. weird?  

i hope all of you have a happy weekend.


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