1 year and 1/2 later...

Jun 21, 2011

well its summer time again here in the lovely state of new joisey. i actually have to update my weight tracker because ive lost a bit more weight. ive been staying steady at 160 for the last 2 months or so. i went to see my pcp today and she took all the blood i had asked if i have been having issues (none thank god) and sent  me on my way with a rx for ambien. ive been having issues sleeping so she gave me some of these to take and told me to get meltonin (over the counter) to see if that will help. i still make my hot protein tea everyday and i can practically eat anything i want without any issues except eggs..eggs are just not ever going to be my friends again and im done trying to re-establish my relationship with them. i dont dump and im very grateful for that because i do like to have a bite or two of dessert. i dont do it often and i literally take no more than two bites out of whatever sweet it is and leave the rest. i started this 1year and 1/2 ago thinking i had done the worst thing i could of ever done to myself and now i sit here grateful that so far ive had no major issues or complications, so very lucky that ive had a full blown support from my family and friends, happy that i have this place to read and learn from and proud of myself for the hard work i put into this journey because i dont care what anyone says this is NOT the easy way out.


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