Jun 19, 2015

I posted on the forum yesterday that my weight seems "stuck" about 190 for what seems forever,.  After checking my graphs and weights in MFP and here, it has only been 10 days as of today.  I know that it is only stuck and not a stall.  I do weigh and measure all that goes into my mouth.  I do on occasion have a few tiny twist pretzels or sunflower seed kernels or cocktail peanuts.  Those are my "have to have" snacks when I do indulge.  It's not every day.  When I do, I count my pretzels and measure the nuts.  Everything is accounted for.  So, I know that I am still on plan and on track.  I know that eventually the scale will move again just keep on keepin on as I say.  I know the rules and have really done pretty good so far.  I am going to go to California July 23rd to stay with my youngest daughter for a few months so I may be having some impatience to get the weight down further to "surprise" her and the friends I have over there.  Be patient Pam.  Calm down.  A great thing over there is LA Fitness gym which she is a member of and I was for 3 months last year when over there.  I am so looking forward to that.  I have a gym here but it is so different.  The water aerobics over there are so much more intense and fulfilling.  Cant wait.  

I have had a couple of stressful days lately.  My oldest daughter that lives with me is so ALPHA.  It just doesn't work out with two females in the same household sometimes.  And granddaughter who is 11 is so ADHD.  So, I broke down and had 4 chocolate chip cookies one day.  OMG... I don't eat sweets, not my trigger.  Other than that, I do pretty good.  Got my Lexapro started back up yesterday so that should help.  

OK enough for now.. Back to the day ahead of me.  


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