Jul 01, 2015

Finally broke the 190.2 that I have been at for 3 weeks.  Took a couple of Dulcolx last night.  lol.  That stuff works good.  Anyway, here's hoping that I stay below that 190 mark and this is the new trend--going down again.  It is frustrating but as long as one continues to stay the path and plan, it will eventually move.  So, if you're in a stall for whatever reason, don't give up because this isn't the finish line.

It is soo frustrating when you are doing everything right and then get constipated.  And come to a screeching halt, not slow down, but wham.  I stayed 190.2/189.8/190.2/190.2/191.2/190.2 for 3 weeks.  the 189 was just for one day so I am hoping that it is finally moving in the downward direction.  I know that this is not the end, journey still in its infancy so to speak.  I do need to get moving more.  The injections from pain management really didn't help any.  Now I am going to Physical Therapy until I go to Cali on the 23rd of this month.  I will be going to the gym at least 5 days a week for their water aerobics.  Loved it last year so still going for it.  

Saw my surgeon yesterday for the "issue" so he has me scheduled for a colonoscopy next Tuesday.. YaY.. right!! He is really cute and going to be doing WHAT to my behind... EEEK.. lol.  I'm a grown woman and can take it., especially the drugs so I won't remember a thing.., I really do like my doctor though.  He has a great bedside manner and very complimentary and encouraging like a good surgeon should be.  

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